Money is seen as ‘solidified trust’. Debt is defined as ‘negative freedom’. During the crisis, banks were rescued by governments and, as a result, governments have a lot of extra debt. Our economy is currently growing because banks are creating money with debt; through what they are lending to the government, among other things. The proposition is to change this system.

About me…

My name Is Ton Derks. I am not a scientist or an author but a recreational entrepreneur, a husband, a father and a grandfather. As such, I am in the midst of (corporate) life with a never-ending interest in the world around us. There are things happening in that world right now that a lot of people are worried about, and it seems that we cannot influence them. However, I am convinced that we can achieve a great deal together.

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How do we shorten the economic crisis?

Why will there be an economic crisis after the corona crisis? Because of the corona crisis, people had to stay at home. So they could hardly spend money. If people spend their money more slowly, companies will receive their income more slowly. Their turnover is...





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As an involved citizen, you think about ‘How can we make our society environmentally friendly?’
The energy transition is a step in that direction, but we can barely afford even this one step.
We can solve this problem with Growmoney.

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